The Gorgeous Meegan Family

Last week I finally got to meet the amazing Meegan family. We’ve had a portrait session scheduled for them for about 1 year, and due to a couple of surfing incidents we have had to postpone a couple of times…..I’m very glad that everyone is on the mend, and that I finally got to do these portraits for them. It was worth the wait, because we were really lucky to land one of the most beautiful days of the year for our shoot! I met Tiare, Patrick, Isabelle, and Kiwi (their adorable pup) at their insanely, amazingly, outrageously, over-the-top-I want-to-move-in-fabulous home in Seal Beach. Patrick and Tiare are both really into contemporary art and architecture, and they recently had their home designed to suit their impeccable taste in everything chic. What a dream!!!! I just fell in love with their home, and with them! They are a family that is very beachy-casual but also quite sophisticated. They love one another very much, and as you can see from their photos below, they love to spend time together having fun! After we shot around their house a bit, we ventured out to Gum Grove Park right up the hill behind their home. It’s absolutely beautiful and peaceful up there, and Kiwi just loves to run wild, so it was perfect for the second half of our portrait session. Despite the snake that we saw on the path (yikes!!) everything was smooth sailing! I always wonder if there are snakes in those yellow flowers….and the answer appears to be yes, so be careful : ) And I just have to say….how sweet is Isabelle? Very Sweet! At the end of the day she picked a little bouquet of wild flowers for me, and thanked me for taking the pictures for them. She’s such a doll – They are one amazing family! Tiare, Patrick, Isabelle, and Kiwi ; ) – Thank you for allowing me into your lives for an afternoon – it was such a joy to be able to photograph you together! Enjoy the preview & see you soon! – A

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