Tammi & Kurt Are So Fly!

Tammi & Kurt are simply amazing! What else can I say…..just feast your eyes on these two gorgeous, sassy, love birds and you’ll fall instantly head-over-heels in love with them! Seriously, these two are SO MUCH FUN! I have to thank Lindsay for making the intro – I just had a blast spending the morning with Tammi & Kurt!  From the time I read one of the first emails from Tammi, I just knew that I was going to instantly love these two! Tammi was telling me about Kurt, and I knew that they were totally in love – I could feel the way she lit up when she was writing about him – she adores him! What’s not to adore – Kurt is one cool fellow! They are both super accomplished and at the same time they don’t take anything too seriously – which I love – and our shoot did not disappoint – they were goofy and in love, and sincere, honest, and at ease with one another – the rest was magic I tell ya!!!  I love my job ; ) We met for our early AM engagement session at Kurt’s company, STA Jets, which just happens to be situated right next to the runway at John Wayne Airport – WHAT????!!!! So CRAZY cool! I mean seriously….gives a whole new meaning to “working the runway!” After what was an amazing start to the day, we headed down to Corona Del Mar for a little beach action with the poochy. Ok, so just you wait….there’s some stuff below that you’re just going to “flip-out” over! Tammi & Kurt – you ROCK! Thanks for playing & making the shoot SO much fun!!! I’ll see you both very soon! – A

How cute is Tammi?! She’s SO gorgeous, and has just the most amazing personality you’ll ever know! She’s got so much energy and is SO FUN!

We had the unique (& super cool) opportunity to shoot in the Lyon Air Museum, which showcases some amazing aircraft owned by General William Lyon, who was a pilot during WWII. WOW! The airplane above was actually flown on D-Day

Love this one above : )

Another favorite of mine above!!! Love the FEET and the runway! Just look at those stems….HOT Baby!

YES! I looked at Tammi….Tammi looked at me….and we both knew what had to be done! See above ; ) That’s a cover shot for sure folks!

Some kung-foo action….

I just like this one above – it’s a sexy shot. Perfect timing….and let me tell you, it takes some patience when shooting on a runway….

Ok, so shot above is classic! Those who know Tammi & Kurt will appreciate the story behind this shot. On the night that Tammi thought that Kurt would propose, he actually presented her with their baby boy instead…..not too shabby ; ) but they thought it would be funny to re-enact the evening for posterity ; ) Too cute! How could you not love that sweet face!

Above & Below….two of my absolute favorites!

See….told you that you were going to FLIP OUT! How RAD is the photo above!?!? You think that’s good? Well, see below….a little on the weird side, but I love how Tammi is half in the frame ; ) What would a shoot with me be without any acrobatics??? LOVE IT!!!! Tammi is AWESOME!

Look how gorgeous they are!!! Some of my faves in front of this grass on the beach – so pretty!

Tammi & Kurt – thank you for having me along for the ride! What a blast it was!!! See you soon! – A

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