Cuong & Erica in Cancun, Mexico – Day Trippin’

So, I just have to start by saying….there’s NO way that this blog can do justice to the SUPER FANTASTIC AMAZINGLY AWESOME PARTY WEEK that Casey and I shared recently with Cuong & Erica and their fabulous friends and family in Cancun, Mexico. I just want to blog every second of the trip, as that’s the only way that I can truly share all the love. One lost passport, one found passport, one near escape from the strong arm of the law, import taxes & the magic of negotiation, a game of musical terminals, 6 more magazines and no room in the carry-ons, one passenger with a really small bladder, immigration papers held together with bubble gum, 2 shots of tequila right out of the gates, a new found passion for ceviche, about 300 bottles of water, an unsolicited offer to “shave” us…don’t ask, no trace of the swine flu, and one VERY fried iphone later, we made it to, and back from Mexico, safely. Whew! A trip that left me wondering….will any part of this craziness end up on You Tube? Khang…..I’m waiting.
A little history: Cuong & Erica were referred to me by Molly & Mike, whose wedding Casey and I shot in the Turks & Caicos a few years ago. Thank you Molly & Mike!!!! It was SO fun to share some quality time with you again!!! Well, we didn’t actually meet Cuong & Erica face to face until we landed in Cancun, but they made us feel instantly like family. A wonderful couple and so in love! Focused on all the important stuff and really ready to have a good time! We love and miss them SO much! I wish we all lived closer! I’m sitting here laughing out loud at some of these photos….I can’t wait to post the wedding. There are some really classic moments! Such a perfect trip! We started our wedding journey with a little day trip to Tulum and Xel Ha. Just a glimpse into the adventure ; ) Let the fun begin!

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3 Responses to Cuong & Erica in Cancun, Mexico – Day Trippin’

  1. Cuong says:

    Thank you Amanda for the amazing photos!!! For my friends who will bust my chops. My back is wet because we jumped in the ocean! Notice the wet shorts… I’m waiting for an onslaught of comments.

    Especially from you, Matt Keller….at least I don’t have sweaty knees.

  2. Khang says:

    Hey Amanda,

    Great job with the wedding…Per your request…AND MORE TO COME!

  3. Classic Khang! An honor to hold that title & as “Queen of the Sprinklers” I will rein supreme! LOVE IT!!! – A

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