The Rapp Family At Home

I love when I get to spend an easy morning with an awesome family. This day was no exception – did I say an AWESOME family??!!! The Rapp family recently welcomed baby Brixton Wild into the world, and what a wonderful world they have! Summer, Stever and Maddox have created the perfect nest to welcome Brixton home to, and their nest is overflowing with love for their new baby girl! Watching this family together was very special….as I look back thru each photo that we made, I can see special moments where Summer and Stever are beaming with pride for their children, and quiet times where Stever is looking at Summer in “THAT WAY” that makes your heart melt….when you’re watching them interact, and there is a quiet consideration of one another, where you know that they are so intertwined, and in love, and thankful for one another, that they’ll be that sweet old couple that everyone smiles at…as they walk hand in hand thru the park….(I’m funny : ) But seriously, they are so perfect together! It is always such an honor to be welcomed into a family’s home to document their lives together, and love for one another. An honor that I hold very dear. Thank you Rapp family for the lovely morning – I hope you enjoy these photos forever! More to come!! xo, A
PS: Can I just mention here….Brixton was only about 1 week old when we shot these pics….Mama looks AMAZING!!!!

Look at how sweet Maddox is with Brixton – an AWESOME BIG BROTHER!!!! Maddox is such a cool kiddo!

Thank you and GOODNIGHT! ; )

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2 Responses to The Rapp Family At Home

  1. Kelly says:

    LOVE their house, Amanda and what a beautiful family (those children!)! I want that poster in the background, “Is it possible to have a love affair that lasts forever?” So cool. xoxo

  2. These are without doubt the most beautiful family portraits I have ever seen!! Cannot believe that they were taken only week after birth, that Mum looks stunning! I love that she still has her hospital bracelet on in on of them

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