Because I Couldn’t Wait….Scarlett & Kevin

I couldn’t wait to introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. Butler! I’ll let these images speak for themselves….Scarlett & Kevin are refreshing to say the least. Gorgeous inside and out – these two are absolutely a perfect pair. As I was editing thru their images to find some to post, it just became so apparent that I was absolutely in love with their wedding….is that possible? For someone to be in love with a wedding that isn’t even their own? Maybe it wasn’t so much the wedding, as it was Scarlett & Kevin. They inspired me so greatly and I really loved shooting this day. I love the way that it unfolded, and I love the way that I got to capture it. Organic, relaxed, colorful, natural, joyful, bright, imperfectly perfect with messy hair on the beach, and a dirty dress that Scarlett didn’t seem to think twice about…and their pure love and inner spirit came alive in these photographs. Their day reflected their love and appreciation for one another, respect for their world, and echoed a celebration of nature and beauty over the rolling hills of Crystal Cove. The intimate family gathering surrounded them in a cape of love and support as they joined their lives. What more could two people ask for as they begin their journey together? Scarlett & Kevin – you are an inspiration! Thank you for trusting Casey and I with your very special day. It was an honor! xo, A

Kevin had to chase down the balloons….he got them ; )

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7 Responses to Because I Couldn’t Wait….Scarlett & Kevin

  1. Adele says:

    Oh my goodness! How do you do it? What beautiful pictures. They really tell a story of love and admiration. Talk about capturing a moment, you are exceptional. Love, Adele

  2. Leslie says:

    You are the most amazing artist. I am in awe of you.
    XX Leslie

  3. kate holt says:

    ummmm….there are so many good ones, how do I choose my favorite? That’s a nice problem to have as you’re looking thru your wedding photos. Not a problem most people have. Anyhoooo. I love them and think the way you use light is just divine. Cute couple too!

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  6. Hi Amanda – what a beautiful wedding & photos!! I was curious if you knew which restaurant that is? I love the Moroccan look!! Getting married this year and this would be a perfect dinner location! – Ashley

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