Candice + Ian + Duke

LOVE LOVE LOVE these three! We got to spend some quality time late last year catching up + making some fun pics for their holiday cards. I am always so happy to see Candice & Ian. They are SO well put together in every way! A very inspirational couple indeed! And HOT too – don’t you think? I do!

Oh yes…I had to get in on at least ONE shot and have a little fun – thanks Ian! ; )

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3 Responses to Candice + Ian + Duke

  1. Me says:

    We love your work Amanda and thanks for always working with us and making our life’s full of great pictures for years to come.
    We love the way you get the best of all us with so much fun at the same time!
    So happy we get the chance for you to capture our life’s and keep such a great time line for us.
    All the best to you and the family.
    CC, Ian and Duke man (Duke was just asked today to be a show dog from our groomer….wow is right he is such a hot little man dog!)

  2. Pat Chick says:

    Amanda, you do incredible work! You really know how to capture the spirit of your subjects! Great gift!
    Love, P

  3. Pat Chick says:

    2. Amanda, also meant to comment that we definitely want you to take our whole family’s Christmas card next year….Will have to figure out a time when everyone is going to be in town. Have any ideas how we could accomplish the gathering without a wedding???
    Love, p

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