FABULOUS : Burnham Design & Instant Space

I am absolutely smitten with Burnham Design! Recently (well, not that recently….as I’m way behind on blogging) I caught up with Betsy and her team to shoot some fun new headshots for Instant Space. I met Betsy at Kelly’s wedding (Kelly owns High Street Market and is absolutely FABULOUS!) and I have just been enamoured by her work and style ever since! In fact, Burnham Design is SO amazing that they are featured in the current issue of Lonny Magazine….ahhh perfection! You HAVE to see the article (it’s insane) and you will fall in love with Burnham Design (if you aren’t already) that is! ; ) In fact, a few of the fabulous pieces featured in the photos were found at High Street Market. You’ll have to head over to Kelly’s blog to read her post about the Lonny article, as she is so inspirational and dynamic! In the mean time, enjoy learning about Betsy and her team at Burnham Design and Instant Space – what a cool concept! Betsy is a genius I tell you! Keep up with her as there are many exciting things in store!! ; ) Happy day! xo, A
Oh, didn’t get enough??? Check out the adorable New Years cards we did for Betsy and a couple shots from the family shoot below : )

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2 Responses to FABULOUS : Burnham Design & Instant Space

  1. janice holmes says:

    I looooooooove the lamp! The pictures are amazing…….

  2. Kelly Galvin Robson says:

    I love the Sterns! What great photos!!! xoxo

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