May Day Maggie Turns ONE!!!

I am SO lucky! My dear friends the Pancakes invited me to photo their little flapjack’s first birthday – boy was it a blast! We got to set up the “studio” and do some fun portraits of guests too! A great way to remember numero uno. I know that you know how much I love the Pancake family….but this is truly an honor to be able to document them, not only from their engagement and wedding to their belly, but to Maggie’s 1st birthday too. What an absolute honor! I’ve seen them grown and change thru the process, and I just feel truly lucky to know them. An amazing couple and now an amazing family….all the while my dear friends. From the moment I meet Trent and Heidi I was just smitten with them….and now, I could just gobble up their baby flapjack as well! Maggie is just ADORABLE!!! Truly a joy! Now, isn’t that what life is all about? I think so. BEST part of what I do! Love you Pancakes!!! xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo, A
PS: Cinco de Miles ROCKS! Now on to some photos!!!

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4 Responses to May Day Maggie Turns ONE!!!

  1. Cynthia Mellow says:

    such fun photos!!!

  2. Stephanie Caravella says:

    The pictures are so wonderful! We spoke briefly at the party- not sure if you will remember- however I will need to keep you in mind if I ever need some photography done. 🙂

  3. noel says:

    What a fun post. LOVE the photo booth idea. such a great way to remember everyone, in such a fun way. The bubble picture is AWESOME!

  4. jade says:

    Nice Work of course! Looks like a blast. happy first bday!!!

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