At Long Last…Dennis & Maria!

These two are awesome! Fabulous! So inspirational! I could go on and on. A fun filled day – joy – laughter – tears – lots of laughter….did I mention laughter? Oh, that was just Maria and I for about 2 hours before she walked down the aisle : ) Enjoy a little glimpse of Maria & Dennis’ wedding day!

Maria wore the most gorgeous Vera Wang gown!!!

Maria is an incredible artist, & I feel lucky that Maria & Dennis trusted us with their very special day. It’s hard to find someone that you trust to produce your vision, and capture your day the way you want to see it….especially if you are an artist. Thanks Maria – I hope we did ya proud ; )

Maria and Dennis decided not to see one another prior to their evening wedding ceremony. That meant we had lots of time before the ceremony to do some portraits of each alone & with family. We took advantage of the cool architecture and scale of the location in which we shot Maria. One of my favorite portraits of Maria is taken entwined with Richard Serra’s 66-foot-tall sculpture “Connector”. Not only is the sculpture visually stunning, it is auditorily interactive. Pretty amazing!

We got in trouble for shooting front of this sculpture : ) Breakin’ the law! Breakin’ the law! I don’t know how much damage an adorable : ) pregnant photographer and a stunning bride will do….but alas, we were asked to leave…promptly…

On to the family!

Meanwhile down at the church….Casey orchestrated these modern portraits of Dennis’ family. I love the scale of this…

Back to Maria!

Thanks Casey : ) I never get to see what you see…

The inside of their church is amazing! Such meticulous tile work and detail. Lots of love surrounded these two!

I love these two of Maria and her Dad…I love the anticipation in the air, and I love the expression that she has on her face the first time she sees Dennis!

This little guy was adorable! : ) I can see my little man doing the same thing at that age!

Their rings are placed on the right hand, as theirs was an Orthodox ceremony. Love Dennis trying to switch fingers…notice that his finger is turning purple…. : ) Now, on to some night time portraits.

We had very little light to work with…so this was a rare case where we got to play with some lighting – fun!

Maria told me that the moon finds significance in her artwork…so this shot above was fitting!

They really are adorable together!

And this is how I looked shooting this one above ; ) Again…thanks Casey for documenting me rocking our belly!

Dennis and Maria had a lovely champagne & dessert reception following their ceremony. YUM!

Of course we had to bring the MOD PHOTO studio : )

Cheers to Maria and Dennis! May you enjoy every moment of your extraordinary lives together!!! xo, A

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4 Responses to At Long Last…Dennis & Maria!

  1. Adele Shiffman says:

    Beautiful couple, beautiful images. xo Adele

  2. Suzanne says:

    Lovely pictures! The bride has such a wonderful smile and charisma about her!

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