It’s 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!!! It’s been a while (a really long while….) since I’ve posted anything. Clients, I’m sorry…but I know you understand : ) 2011 was a busy year and there is so much to share. Dare I say it…2012 will be the year that I finally catch up on blogging. I have learned not to do more than I can manage, and to slow down and enjoy every second with my family and friends (that includes YOU my dear clients) so while I haven’t yet blogged our time together, it doesn’t mean I love you any less! It does mean, that every day I practice my life in a balance. That means a balance between work and my personal life, and in order to enjoy the latter even more, sometimes I have to set aside some aspects of the former…so blogging has slipped, but life has been blooming! Yeah for me, right? Anywho…since I’ve been able to spend more time shooting for myself, and enjoying our moments as a family, I thought I’d share one special photo of my little man, with his two front baby teeth still in tact…while they are still in tact as of 2pm today, something tells me that we will make another attempt at pulling the super wiggly, stomach turning, right front tooth later this afternoon. Until my next post of 2012, here’s my little hero looking rather dapper at the park! Enjoy!

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