Nick & Anne


Nick & Anne were married at the Huntington Beach Public Library last month, and it was pretty much one of my favorite weddings…ever.  The library offers such a dynamic, graphic, and colorful backdrop with amazing natural light inside and out.  For this self-proclaimed “nerdy” couple, it was an ideal canvass for their wedding.  I was also truly honored to be joined on this day by the always amazing Jade & Candace, who captured beautiful moments for the happy couple, and added to the joy of the day by simply being their wonderful selves – LOVE you ladies!  Congratulations to Nick & Anne who began their adventure together amongst some of the greatest love stories ever written ; ) Cheers to that & ENJOY a few faves friends!

IMG_0443 IMG_0481 JADE7681IMG_0486 IMG_0518 IMG_0574 IMG_0576 JADE7683IMG_0595 IMG_0628 IMG_0758IMG_0634 JADE7703 IMG_0693 IMG_0699 JADE7720IMG_0708 IMG_0741IMG_0723 IMG_0774 IMG_0792 IMG_0797 IMG_0813 IMG_0841 IMG_0903 IMG_0939 IMG_0955 IMG_0957   IMG_0985 IMG_1017 IMG_1032 IMG_1057 IMG_1083 IMG_1109 IMG_1124 IMG_1148 IMG_1180 IMG_1259 IMG_1273 IMG_1318 IMG_1407 IMG_1426 JADE7971 JADE7979 IMG_1532  IMG_1689IMG_0943IMG_6183IMG_6188IMG_0967IMG_1850 IMG_1836IMG_1852 IMG_1900 IMG_1888IMG_1881IMG_1873 IMG_1973 IMG_2013 IMG_2052 IMG_2264 IMG_2406IMG_2105


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1 Response to Nick & Anne

  1. Adele Shiffman says:

    Fantastic venue. Beautiful couple, beautiful pictures.

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